Basement Enclosures

Basement Enclosures


A Basement Enclosure is a key component for minimizing cool air infiltration into the dryer section and controlling the drying environment. When used in conjunction with an Airtherm Totally Enclosed Paper Machine Hood and air system, the enclosure will provide complete vapor confinement around the drying process.

False Walls are used to control airflow as part of the Machine Room Ventilation System. By isolating large areas of the machine room, we prevent cool air from adjacent warehouse or outside areas from entering the machine room and affecting the drying process.

Better control of the airflow pattern and machine room climate is accomplished while minimizing energy costs.


  • A tight structure under the paper machine dryer section to aid in maintaining the proper air balance and desired environment within the Totally Enclosed Hood.
  • Hinged personnel doors and sliding equipment doors for quick broke removal and maintenance access.
  • Several construction options are available including corrugated or v-beam, aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel sheeting.
  • Added durability with an optional 4 to 6 foot high lower cement block wall.
  • Similar wall construction for optional false walls that allow better control of the building ventilation.
  • Optional automatic roll-up doors for hands free, quick access.