Pocket Ventilation Systems

Pocket Ventilation Systems

PVPocket Ventilation Systems (PV Systems) are custom designed and engineered to optimize the drying processes of paper, board and specialty grade machines with unique and varying requirements.

The PV system work in conjunction with both fully enclosed and open machine hoods, as well as the hood exhaust systems.

A PV system helps to properly ventilate the dryer section of the paper machine which leads to an improved evaporation rate and reduced steam use.

PV Systems are also used to provide heated air to other hood supply equipment such as ventilators, air doctors and felt conditioning nozzles.


  • Pocket Ventilators use multiple air discharge slots and holes to deliver tempered air into each pocket and prevent moist boundary-layer air from re-entering the pocket area.
  • Aluminum or steel construction with edge dampers to control sheet moisture profile.
  • Cross-machine Ventilators mounted below unirun dryers provide warm air to the sheet during travel between the dryers.
  • Air Doctors and Felt Nozzles used to strip the moisture boundary-layer from the dryer felts and condition the felts prior to contacting the sheet.
  • Heavy-duty, high-efficiency centrifugal fans with optional corrosion-resistant coatings.
  • Premium efficiency, belt-driven or direct drive TEFC motors.
  • Standard steam-heated and high temperature, gas-fired ventilation systems designed to boost the drying capacity on heavy grades are available.
  • Condensate receivers and steam traps insure proper operation of the steam coils.
  • Heavy paper mill construction of the coil housing and sheet metal ductwork.
  • Heat Recovery is used to preheat the PV air utilizing excess heat that is exhausted from the paper machine hood.
  • Field studies and surveys are available to help you decide whether to rebuild or replace existing systems.
  • Repairs, Upgrades & Replacement Parts are available for existing systems regardless of the age, condition or original manufacturer.